alessandro d-angeli


Military for education and designer by vocation Alessandro D’Angeli develops his method of knowledge and elaboration of all that surrounds him by merging rigor, creativity and external contamination.
Academic Education in Industrial Design and Visual Communication is just the momentum to bring his passion for visual arts to business ventures closer.

Alessandro’s training begins with Research and Development for Slamp and Unopiù. He is responsible for Design and Project Management for Bricocenter, Cuproom, Infiniti Design, Nextime, Vermobil, B & B Italia Contract, Bertoli Valentino, ITF 100% Design IFU, Lake Blueside, Pirondini, Rudi Rabitti, Devoto and Dasa.
Experiences from Creative Director for Sunlab, Barone Games, Modonovo and now for White Noise, have led Alessandro to become interested in the fields of Communication and Marketing.
Today he is involved in consulting for companies covering the roles of Creative Director and Designer, creating and developing Design, Communication and Marketing projects.