Our products are the result of the long experience
of our Designers and
the expert hands of our craftsmen

  • Projector MITICO

    Projector MITICO in natural aluminum heavily inspired to film set, redefines the relationship between light, architecture and design. Projector Mitico is available with different light sources, […]
    projector MITICO
  • Projector OSCAR

    OSCAR projector Made of turned aluminum, with its rounded shape, it fascinates, involves, excites and fits easily and naturally into all environments. The OSCAR spotlight is […]
    projector oscar
  • Floor lamp Tripod

    TRIPOD floor lamp  Our TRIPOD base makes the projectors usable in a variety  situations. A light point that moves, positions itself as needed in any environment, […]
  • Projector TABULA

    The TABULA projector, rigorous, essential, geometric shapes that when assembled give life to this fully adjustable spotlight. Made of aluminium, it can be left in its […]
    projector TABULA
  • Spotlight GALILEO

    GALILEO stands out for its simplicity even if small details make it unique. The GALILEO series is extremely versatile, offering different lighting solutions, ideal for any […]
  • Projector CUBETTO

    Projector CUBETTO is able to create a functional light, capturing it in highly defined geometric shape. Projector CUBETTO’ body is made of black iron left natural […]
    Projector CUBETTO