Illuminated river
Illuminated river
February 17, 2017
ventura lambrate
From Ventura Lambrate to Ventura Centrale
March 17, 2017

Contemporary architecture in Rome

contemporary architecture

architettura contemporanea

Near the old town city, carved between the new Tiburtina station, the Ring Road East and the Monumental Cemetery of Verano, an example of contemporary architecture: the project of Città del Sole.

The Città del Sole is a model of contemporary architecture with its transparency and compositional elegance.
The project is signed by the studio Labics and built by Parsitalia, winner of a competition held by the municipality of Rome in 2007.

The Città del Sole has started a process of urban transformation that involves an area occupied by a warehouse and a throw ATAC ..

The work represents a case in which the architecture becomes instrument of regeneration of the tissue of the city. It will be an effective solution for the development of urban space.

The intervention of 17,000 square meters includes multiple functions: housing, offices, commercial spaces, library and parking.

It looks to build on a principle of action / contamination that aims at the rediscovery of the importance of the interaction between people and places. The central square defines a load empty of meaning that connects the volumes of the new architecture with those of the consolidated city from the early twentieth century.

The weight of the volumes suspended over a podium system, the complexity of the external cladding, the contrast between the volumetric geometries. The Città del Sole, with traditional buildings, translates poetically into a vision of hope and growth.