residential lighting
Residential lighting
Maggio 14, 2018
Earth Overshoot Day
Earth Overshoot Day 2018
Giugno 28, 2018

Lighting the kitchen environment


Lighting the kitchen environment, the favorite home place for everyone.

The lighting of the Kitchen environment must respond to specific requests, directly related to its nature of operating space, therefore it is important to reconcile the aesthetic component with the functional one.

It will therefore be necessary to have available both a dedicated light on the planes for complex activities, and a diffused lighting, capable also of ensuring performance in terms of energy saving.

In conclusion, within the home environment, the lighting of the kitchen is a territory of encounter and reflection.

The choice of light in this room demonstrates that it is a truly evocative piece of furniture, with a viewpoint that aims to harmonize technical needs with inspirations linked to personal taste.

Veneta Cucine, a well-known brand in the furniture industry, has chosen the Bedtimestory and Bulb suspensions by Officine Dasa to enhance the collection Lounge Catalog 2018.