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Officine Dasa present Light Gallery
Aprile 18, 2018
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Vertical garden. The new trend green.
Maggio 4, 2018

Officine Dasa lights up Masterchef

opera masterchef

Masterchef and Masterchef Celebrity illuminated by Officine Dasa.

Masterchef, the most famous cooking show, chose Officine Dasa lamps to illuminate the 2018 edition of Masterchef and Celebrity.

Characterized by a strong aesthetic impact, Dasa lamps offer  for design and optics, flexible lighting solutions, ideal for projects requirements, so they are easy to integrate into the MASTERCHEF project emphasizing the industrial appearance of the set.

Officine Dasa signs the lighting of the gallery, the nerve center of the transmission, with the OPERA lamp.

Opera is a suspension that redesigns the concept of ceiling light with a simple and linear design.

The VITTORIA suspensions are the right place in the pantry, a recall  of industrial lamps used in factories and warehouses all over the world.
Reinvented in a contemporary style, VITTORIA  transfer in the contex in shich it appears a timeless dimension, without neglecting the lighting aspect, proposing a chromatic range able to enhance the environments related to food.

The vintage appearance of the scenography was then accentuated with the use of two other DASA articles.

The QUADRA applique and the TRIPOD with OSCAR projector, giving the whole a strong cinematographic and industrial connotation.
The style of Officine Dasa  has a strongly Italian flavor. Design and technology are the expression of Made in Italy, a perfect match with the excellence of Italian cuisine represented in the cooking show.