Officine Dasa is an Italian and women brand, where the craftsmanship of the work blends with the use of the most modern technologies.

Our passion for materials, left in their pure state, and for industrial archeology have always been a primary source of inspiration for us.

Our products talk about us, our desire to create, our love for work and our passion for design. The essence of light as a true expression of art.

Officine Dasa
is characterized by flexibility, efficiency, dynamism, characteristics that have always allowed us to be close to the design needs of Architects and Lighting Designers.

Our greatest satisfaction is to translate their projects into light by creating custom products with them and for them.

Our mission is to shape new ideas and illuminate unexplored emotions.

Antonella & Angela

“Without light there is no architecture, there are no shadows, there is no perspective, no depth, no atmosphere, there is no view, there is no security, there is no communication.”

Arik Levy