• Floor lamp Tripod

    TRIPOD  support for spotlight Structure in lacquered tubular steel. Dimmer on the power cable. TRIPOD in all sizes  is suitable for all the projectors of our […]
    floor lamp
  • GAIA suspension

    Gaia suspension has a modern and playful style. Gaia suspension is composed of the iron cylinder, which can be realized both in full that perforated sheet. […]
    gaia suspension
  • Suspension EVA

    The suspension Eva recalls a not too distant past, when the light had a taste of warm, suffused and almost magical. Suspension Eva is a lantern […]
    suspension eva
  • MITICO floor lamp

    MITICO floor lamp, is a floor projector. It has a strong design inspired by the Movie set. The MITICO floor lamp design redefines the relationship between […]
    MITICO floor lamp
  • Projector CUBETTO

    Projector Cubetto is able to create a functional light, capturing it in highly defined geometric shape. Projector Cubetto’ body is made of black iron left natural […]
    Projector CUBETTO
  • Suspension PEPE

    The Pepe suspension is a pendant lamp with a timeless design. Pepe combines balance and lightness. It’s produced in lacquered aluminum, with internal metallic reflective, to […]
    suspension pepe
  • Wall lamp Candle

    CANDLE wall  lamp with diffused, direct or  indirect, light.
    Wall lamp Candle

    Trave MK is a standard module of track with box-like structure. The Trave MK (Mekkano) is available not electrified or complete electrified phase track with the possibility […]
    trave MK
  • LISA suspension

    Lisa suspension has an aluminum hat turned, frame for this lamp by the large size. Lisa suspension has a vintagedesign but contemporary inspiration in the creation. Its […]
    lisa suspension
  • Suspension FLAP LIGHT

    The suspension Flap Light, designed by architect Marco Odargi, has a unique design in its kind. The suspension Flap Light have a line that recalls the […]
    suspension flap light
  • Wall lamp Das 11

    Custom Products Wall lamp Das 11 was designed by designers Laura Alesi and Silvia Braconi for Officine DASA. A game of joints allows the modularity with […]
  • Suspension OPERA

    Suspension Opera is a lamp that redesigns the concept of the ceiling, with a simple design, linear and precise. The suspension Opera allows a light that […]
    suspension OPERA
  • URBANA suspension

    Urbana suspension takes the familiar image of industrial lamps with a timeless design. Urbana suspension is realized in turned aluminum and it is the inside white […]
    urbana suspension

    Trave TR is a standard module of track with box-like structure. The Trave TR  (Truss) is available not electrified or complete electrified phase track with the […]
    trave tr
  • BETTA suspension

    Betta suspension is a lamp  from the large presence. Betta suspension is made of black wax iron hand. An opal panel is filtered, down, diffused light and […]
    betta suspension
  • Table lamp LOMINO and LUCIETTA

    Table lamp Lomino and Lucietta has a few essential elements. A light bulb, a bent and a wire sheet. The result is a surprising lamp. Table […]
    lomino-che-corre wall lamp
  • Suspension lamp Candle

    CANDLE suspension lamp with diffused light.  
  • Projector OSCAR

    Projector OSCAR , style film in turned aluminum. The projector Oscar fascinates and involves as a result of a clever design that blends form, design and […]
    projector oscar
  • VITTORIA suspension

    Vittoria suspension recalls the industrial lamps used in factories and warehouses around the world. Vittoria suspension was reinvented in a contemporary style, but gives to the […]
    vittoria suspension
  • OLIVIA suspension

    Olivia suspension is inspired to industrial archeology since made with a natural black iron pipe. Olivia suspension allows a punctual light, able to create a very […]
    olivia suspension
  • Wall lamp Katà

    Wall lamp KATA’ born from the personal experience of the designer Giulia Gatto. Katà offers a soft and enveloping light, irregular and unexpected reflections. Wall lamp […]
    wall lamp katà
  • Suspension lamp Bulb

    BULB suspension lamp with diffused light. Painted steel structure and visible bulbs.
    Suspension lamp Bulb
  • Projector TABULA

    Projector TABULA, made in aluminum, has an essential and linear design. Projector Tabula provides a warm light and direct and suitable for both commercial and residential […]
    projector TABULA
  • Wall lamp QUADRA

    The simple and linear wall lamp, Quadra is made of natural black wax iron hand. Wall lamp Quadra, when the lighting becomes a work of art. […]
    wall lamp quadra
  • Applique CUBETTO

    CUBETTO lamp with compact and linear geometries, has multiple technical, aesthetic and functional characteristics. CUBETTO is an extremely easy to insert lamp in multiple environments. Essential […]
  • Suspension lamp Bedtimestory

    BEDTIMESTORY pendant lamp is available  as a suspension and reading lamp. Wall lamp Bedtimestory has a lampshade directing the light upwards harmoniously illuminating the above space and […]
    Suspension lamp Bedtimestory
  • Wall lamp AGATA

    Wall lamp Agata, in an industrial minimal style, is made in turned aluminum. Wall lamp Agata is available in matte black finish, with white interior, and […]
    wall lamp agata
  • Table lamp Tripod mini

    TRIPOD S For TRIPOD S we thought in “small”. A mini sculpture to support our smaller spotlights. The proportions shrink but the charm increases. Positioned on […]
    table lamp-tripod mini
  • BIN

    BIN three-phase track BIN  three-phase track is available in grey, black, white finishes
  • GINA Suspension

    Gina suspension is a lamp in metropolitan style. Its design with geometric shapes make a reduced and linear silhouette. Gina suspension fits well in different contexts, […]
    gina suspension
  • Projector MITICO

    Projector MITICO in natural aluminum heavily inspired to film set, redefines the relationship between light, architecture and design. Projector Mitico is available with different light sources, […]
    projector MITICO
  • Floor lamp Bulb

    BULB diffused floor lamp. Painted steel structure and visible bulbs. Dimmer on the power cable.
    floor lamp bulb
  • Wall lamp VICEVERSA

    Viceversa wall lamp. Born from the inspiration of the Arch. Valerio Campanelli, as an essential, versatile and practical piece of furniture. Simple geometric shapes combined with each other with elegance. Black lacquared steel structure contrasting brass or chrome lamp holder. the possibility of choosing how to position it, invites you to interact with the light. the light bulb, shielded, in combination with the lamp holder, is supplied
    Lampada da parete VICEVERSA
  • Spotlight GALILEO

    Galileo spot light stand out for its simplicity even if small details make it unique. The GALILEO series is extremely versatile, offering different lighting solutions, ideals […]
  • Wall lamp Bedtimestory

    BEDTIMESTORY wall lamp is available both as a suspension and reading lamp. Wall lamp Bedtimestory has a lampshade directing the light upwards harmoniously illuminating the above space […]