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Lighting the kitchen environment
Giugno 7, 2018

Residential lighting

residential lighting

Residential lighting. A key aspect to create a special atmosphere in a home.

Residential lighting. Lighting design, like furniture, plays a fundamental role in the development of environments.

If the light source is completely integrated into the architecture, the light will become an impalpable material of invention.

Fundamental aspect is the choice of light sources. It should take into account certain factors. The size and shape of the rooms to be illuminated, the activities that we usually carry out within them, the time when the average lamp remains lit during the day, the arrangement of the furnishings and the colors of the walls.

In general, the living room is the part of the house that is certainly more complex to illuminate, because different activities take place there. It should therefore be equipped with a specific lighting system for each functional area, choosing direct light, but also diffused or indirect lighting.

Regarding the kitchen, lighting accompanies the various activities and requires optimal lighting, intense and without shadows. Consequently, the lighting of the sink, worktops and fires must be carefully studied.

In the bedrooms you can think of combining with the general light of a chandelier, additional light sources for bedside tables.

On the bedside tables next to the bed you can find lamps made in different shapes and materials: what matters is that their light is suffused.

As for the light in the bedrooms, a main ceiling light source must be provided. Then it is possible to place a table lamp next to the desk, remembering that the light must come from the opposite side of the hand you are writing. And an adjustable spotlight on a wall or a support for a bedside lamp.

Bathroom lighting requires that the lights are filtered by a screen, to avoid the formation of shadows and the alteration of the complexion of the face.

In conclusion residential lighting enhances and make unique home. It is advisable to know how to choose and modulate the light as it represents a factor of primary importance.

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