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Ottobre 13, 2017
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Rinascente Flagship Rome

rinascente flagship

In the heart of Rome, between the Fontana of Trevi and Piazza of Spagna, the 12th of October, the second Rinascente flagship store was inaugurated.

The Rinascente flagship of Via del Tritone, born to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Rinascente, opens after 11 years of work.

Inside the new Rinascente we find design, design, history and archeology.

It is an element of absolute extraordinary character of a complex reconstruction work, the archaeological site that can be visited at level -1. The area reveals one of the treasures of Ancient Rome: the Virgin Aqueduct inaugurated by Augustus in the 19 B.C..

In addition, the new flagship store incorporates a small building dating back to the early 1900s called “Palazzetto”, a true palace in the palace.

It is, therefore, a department store sui generis, organized on eight floors arranged around a central cavity. It crosses all floors in height, allowing the light to spread.

The restyling of the palace has been entrusted to great names in architecture and design. Already from the facade the repetition of architectural elements, exalting the 96 windows and the 7 windows framed by dark bronze finishes, restores the balanced beauty of ancient and modern.

Each floor has its peculiarity linked to the architecture and design of the flagship. Each area has its own inspiration, each space is a homage to the city of Rome.

The eleventh flagship Rinascente is embellishing the collection of shops in the main Italian cities. The new Rinascente Roma also comes with a new logo. No more La Rinascente, but RINASCENTE, name coined 100 years ago by Gabriele D’Annunzio.

The project of the new Rinascente was a complex work. An investment of 200 million euros and many difficulties related to the location of the building and its construction.

The result was 14,000 square meters, more than 800 brands for sale, 4 restaurants, a two-story terrace and an archaeological presence worthy of a large museum.

A project that, after the building of Piazza 1960 River of Franco Albini, introduces a new architectural exploration.

Past and present here take a dialogue and create something unique, both architecturally and in terms of shopping experience. A new must for the shopping in the Eternal City.