Renzo Piano: The architect of light
October 22, 2018

TREVI Fountain, now has a new artistic LED lighting

One of the symbolic monuments of Rome, the Trevi Fountain, now has a new artistic lighting with LED light.

The new LED light lighting, which as a whole is defined by the presence of 85 underwater floodlights and 6 floodlights positioned on a shelf, has provided for the replacement of 56 floodlights with sodium vapor lamps, and has an installed power of only 2.1 kW, 70% less than before.

The new luminaires have been repositioned taking into account the ideal targets already defined with the monumental artistic lighting project of the Fountain created in 2015. The interventions carried out – which were preceded by the complete emptying of the Fountain – made it possible to bring the historic monumental structure back to its full scenographic effectiveness. Narrow beam optics were used, while the accurate aiming of the projectors positioned on the shells behind the statue of Ocean made it possible to highlight the central structure of the monument. For accent lighting of the cliff and the side statues, other floodlights were positioned laterally inside the tank.