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October 28, 2016


Matera is one of the brightest pearls of Basilicata, thanks to the singularity of its historic center, consisting of the Sassi district. The evocative landscape of houses carved into the limestone rock that make up the Sassi, have allowed the city, since 1993, to become part of the UNESCO heritage.
The scenario that presents itself to the spectators recalls the typical landscape of the Palestinian cities of the time of Jesus, so much so that Mel Gibson, in 2004, chose the Sassi as a set for his film The Passion of Christ.
But what is a European capital of culture?
The slogan of the European Union is “United in diversity”, indicating the desire to work together for peace and prosperity and that the numerous and varied traditions, languages ​​and cultures constitute the richness of the continent. The enhancement of these aspects takes place through the appointment as “Capital
European culture ”which constitutes a fundamental stage in the rapprochement of the European peoples.
MATERA with its splendid scenery hosts the surprising exhibition by Salvator DALI ‘
The exhibition is an idea born and curated by BENIAMINO LEVI, president of the DALI ‘Universe.
All the works of DALI ‘in MATERA are originals and are a private collection of LEVI.
The theme represented is the “PERSISTENCE OF OPPOSITES”
In the rock environments there are about 150 works by the artist.
The exhibition itinerary constitutes a thematic journey through four themes dear to DALI ‘.
• Time, millennial and fleeting
• The hard shell and the soft content
• The dialectic between religion and science
• The metamorphosis of reality into surreality.

The combination of the genius of DALI ‘and the magnificence of his works inserted into the unique charm and
Extraordinary of the stones of Matera, they are the testimony of how man has lived for millennia in a fairytale setting

Discovering MATERA, the city of stones, for an unprecedented tour of culture and design.
wandering around MATERA and “getting lost in the stones”, you can discover extraordinary renovations and architectural works.
Many and important entrepreneurs are investing in MATERA by creating hotels, restaurants, wine bars, showrooms of the highest profile with the intervention of well-known architects who have come to MATERA from all over the world and bringing their international experience in design, to give MATERA the right recognition of capital of culture, art and design.
MATERA is waiting for you !!!!